Sometimes for the elderly, transitions are not easy. That does not always mean physical transitions such as moving into a different living environment or adjusting to the loss of a friend or loved one. But also transitions such as in the seasons and the weather. This year while also dealing with Covid, your senior may need a little extra care and assistance. Below are a few things you can do to help!

  • Talk with the senior in your life prior to the change of season. Casually discuss the changes soon to come such as time going back, the days getting shorter, and the weather changing. Talk about the upcoming holidays.
  • Help your senior prepare for changes in the weather. When assisting with dressing, provide a light sweater or jacket in case of unexpected temperature drops in the evening. You may also want to place a blanket nearby your senior while they are relaxing in their favorite chair. As the weather gets even cooler, you may need to remind them about wearing an undershirt and/or socks.
  • Keep your senior healthy. Be sure to continue practicing proper handwashing. Prepare healthy, well-balanced meals for your senior to help keep them alert and strong. Try your best to maintain a clean and safe living space. Regularly sanitize and disinfect commonly touched surfaces.

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